Artist BIO

Multi-lingual photographer/filmmaker Shari Yantra Marcacci was born in Switzerland and has traveled extensively. She started her career as a classical dancer and later on studied directing, screenwriting and editing at the Los Angeles Film School and UCLA.

Shari has worked, wearing different hats in the realm of film and theater. Her work as been shown in the official selection of various film festivals and has received several awards. Some of these festivals include the Sundance Film Festival and a nomination for the Independent Spirit Awards 2012.

Shari studied photography at the Los Angeles Center of Photography with Aline Smithson and Ken Merfeld among others. In her work as a photographer, Shari focuses on people. Her great sensitivity gives her insight in universal human traits, their characters and psychology. She likes to create work that reflects her own personal experiences. Her work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, Portland (OR), Essex Jct. (VT), Forth Collins (CO) and in Switzerland. 



Artist Statement

Human beings have always fascinated me. Most of all what’s behind what I call “the Mask” intrigues me. The mask is something that most people wear in order not to be seen for who they really are in order not to be vulnerable and not to get hurt. But truly isn’t that what is really interesting about a human being?

I have lived in many countries, seen many faces and got to know people from every corner of life. To “see” or better “look at” is what inspired me the most. Sitting on a bus or walking around studying faces: Imagining the story of people.

For me the eyes are the gateway into our soul. If we look into a person’s eyes and if we are willing to “see”, a lot will be revealed about that person’s true nature.

I always found that in silence lies more truth than in words.

I used to be a dancer. In dance there are no words, there is no dialogue, no monologue, no way to express anything through words. It is the body, the face that expresses everything needed to touch people.

I am a storyteller. Sometimes I choose the written-, other times the visual form. Whatever the form is, I choose truthfulness and depth. I am not afraid to explore the darker side of life. More than that, it is actually what intrigues me the most.




Center Forward 2016, The Center of Fine Art Photography, Forth Collins, Colorado, jurors Aline Smithson and Hamidah Glasgow

Seities and Selves exhibition, Dark Room Gallery, Vermont, juror Aline Smithson

Your Favorite Photographs, Lenscratch (online exhibition)



Portraiture Show exhibition, Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon.

f16: New Photographic Visions, Los Angeles Center of Photography, L.A., CA                                

Group Show, Los Angeles Center of Photography, L.A., CA

Life Framer Photography Award Exhibition, Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Pop Up Digital Show, Juraplatz Gallery, Biel, Switzerland

Your Favorite Photographs, Lenscratch (online exhibition)

What I looked as a Child, Lenscratch (online exhibition)

Who and What I Love, Lenscratch (online exhibition)

Cell Phone Photography, Lenscratch (online exhibition)



Snap to Grid, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, L.A., CA.                                                                                                                                




PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, Honorable Mention (Fine Art Portrait)



Fine Art Photography Awards, Honorable Mention (Portrait)                                                                      

Moskow International Foto Awards, Honorable Mention (Fine Art Portrait)                                                           




F-STOP photography magazine, The Human Body issue, group exhibition (editor Sarah Hadley)




Your Daily Photograph, Duncan Miller Gallery, Santa Monica, USA.




Taormina BNL Film Festival, Italy

Gotham City Short Film Festival, New York, US

Harlem International Film Festival, New York, US

Northampton Independent Film Festival, US

Queens International Film Festival, New York, US

Rebelfest International Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

ANONIMUL International Independent Film Festival, Romania

FAIF Film Festival, Hollywood

Ohne Kohle International Independent Film Festival, Austria

Openair Film Festiva Mainz, Germany

Screening prior to Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride", Tribeca Cinemas, New York, US

Screening at Theatre Rigiblick, Zurich, Switzerland

Night of Short Films, Lugano and Bellinzona, Switzerland

Exposure - 2005 Industry Screening, Los Angeles, US



41st Solothurn Film Festival, Switzerland

Malibu International Film Festival, Malibu US



Filmguild Movie Nights, Switzerland

Short Films Lounge, Movie Theatre Riff Raff, Zurich, Switzerland