Projects Statements


Attraverso (In-Between)


Ever since I was a child, I have always been known as being overly sensitive. I now call that same sensitivity a blessing.

Human beings and what they hide behind what I call “the mask” have always fascinated me. Nowadays, social media allows us to present a happy, carefree and always successful image, whether it is true or not.

Society dictates that deep and dark emotions should not be shown. Most people are scared to share their deepest thoughts, to make themselves vulnerable and to be judged.

In Attraverso (In-Between) I am exploring intimacy and human emotions. These emotions are expressed behind glass. The glass symbolizes a shield to the outside world, but its transparency still allows us to observe. The subjects are given their space, to take off their mask and just be.



The Journey


Infertility is not something people talk about. It is mostly kept secret to protect oneself from getting hurt. I certainly didn’t talk about it, until now.

After a period of trying and failure, I felt the need to express my sorrow and pain through photographs. I needed to give voice to our struggle in order to survive the emotions of loss and wanting. I needed this experience to be seen, to be heard and to be understood.

In the process of interpreting our journey, I came to the the powerful realization: our child was giving us the time to find ourselves. This path made us realize who we really are and what we want for the future. It made us conquer our fears and old traumas. It made us grow beyond the idea that a child would complete us.

Some say that children choose their parents and if that is true, we have been given the gift of time and self-knowledge. After over three years of silence I have decided to reveal the secret with my very personal series The Journey. My hope is to bring infertility out of the shadows and begin a conversation.


Men with Beards


I grew up with the idea that men have beards. My father had a really long beard and when I say long, I mean really long. As a child the beard was somehow comforting, it felt like home. My father used to tell me stories of how his beard was so long that I used to use it as a swing. I am still not sure, if he was joking, but it makes me smile.

This past years have been very revealing. I dug into my soul and my past. I realized that the people I once knew are not the same anymore. Not because they changed, but because I now see them for whom they really are. It is scary and amazing at the same time. My series became a sort of nostalgia of the past.

It might be a coincidence, but there is a common thread in the men with beards that I photograph: they all have a deep soul. Some of them a tortured soul others a very kind and then there are also the wild souls. I love to photograph men, I love beards, I love stories and I love to reveal what is underneath the mask.