While we were coming up with a story for this shoot, I realized I was actually telling the story of my grand-mother. It reminded me of when I was writing film scripts and how after a while one realizes you are actually telling a story about your life. It is fascinating how the mind works…Ultimately the strongest stories are the one that we have experienced. 

But back to my grand-mother. She was born in 1903 was a modern dancer and Cabaret dancer, which at the time was not regarded as something serious. In 1923 she started working with Mary Wigman in Germany. She later was part of the “Wintergarten” Varieté in Berlin and on a tour through Italy worked with the Italian actress Wanda Osiris. To make a long story short: on a tour in the Italian part of Switzerland, she met my grand-father. She had to give up her dance career, because still being a dancer was not considered a serious profession. Basically it was either being married to my grand-father or being a dancer. 

This story is a about a lost dream…About the sacrifice for marriage and the deep sadness that results from it…

My subject is a housewife who gave up her career for her husband. When her husband leaves for work, she dives into a fantasy world where she gets to dress up and pretend she is back on stage. But then as the day progresses reality kicks in. She needs to undress and let go of the mask…Or better put on the mask!

Model: Paula du Gelly

Photography by ©Shari Yantra Marcacci 2014